A case for employee development

Personal Development Plan

Four types of development

As mentioned in my discussion post this week, my organization does not allow sabbaticals for teachers to pursue further academic studies, neither do they provide financial incentives or salary increases for doing so. One of the first things I would therefore lobby for is that Tuition be reimbursed to employees who pursue formal education that is related to their current specialization or develop skills that can be used within the organization.

The second thing I would advocate for is the selection and use of assessment tools such as a personality inventory(ies) (Myers-Briggs Type Inventory) which would allow employees to develop greater self-efficacy and awareness of their capabilities and their drive to improve themselves and ultimately the success of the students they teach and the institution.

I would further advocate for continued Performance Appraisals but with the condition that appraisal offers monetary incentives for each year that one remains in the profession and helps employees identify specific ways that they can develop in their careers. The final thing I would advocate for is for opportunities for employees to have development through job experiences. This could be better facilitated by selecting employees identified to have certain interests or skills set to shadow or fill vacant leadership positions instead of looking outside of the country or the school, in some instances to fill those positions. This however can only happen if managers are conducting better performance appraisals and using that data to drive policy and identify meaningful development opportunities for current employees.

Development proposal

Name: Georgia Harding Title: Teacher/Associate Teaching and Learning Coordinator Immediate Manager: Subject Leader/Deputy Principal
Competencies Strengths:

* Good communication and Interpersonal skills

* Seamless ICT integration and Technology manipulation

* Organization and Time Management

Areas for Improvement

* Evaluation – Consistently follow-through on planned initiatives -set timelines or deadlines for assessing success or failure

* Provide prompt and helpful feedback that will assist in the development of student learning

* Consistent selection of learning activities that students need to know vs. what would be nice for them to know.

Development Goals

Long Term: Identify opportunities to work part-time or full-time as an Instructional Designer with a view to earning a position where I will be able to cater to the proper training and development needs of all members of staff within the school community.

Short Term: Convert positions of responsibility without the added salary increase to positions where I receive financial compensation for work done and results achieved. Specifically apply for the position of Teaching and Learning Coordinator or Learning Mentor.

Next Assignments

* Update Resume in order to be ready for upcoming job openings as TLC or Learning Mentor by the beginning of the 2016 academic school year or sooner.

* Research the possibility of acquiring a Certified Human Resource Professional  (CHRP) designation.

* Identify upcoming application deadlines for intended positions.

Training and Development Needs

Complete Masters level classes in Instructional Design (ongoing)

Review current best practices for writing effective Resumes and improving interview skills which will increase the possibility of me being placed on the short-list of candidates and ultimately be selected for the position.


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